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We’re Hiring: Hub Manager

September 10, 2016 - Featured Post, Human Resources, News

A few days short of 2 years of loyal service with MetroAir, Adam Trylinski has decided to step down as Hub Manager. Real world responsibilities have increased for Adam in recent months. Due to the increasing commitments and not wanting to let his pilots based at KBOS down he has chosen to step down. Adam plans to stick around for a pilot for the foreseeable future and hopes to see you in some future event flights as his schedule allows. We would like to thank Adam for his dedicated service as a Hub Manager!

With Adam’s departure we are officially opening the application process for those interested in applying to be a MetroAir Hub Manager. The successful candidate will be responsible for processing pilot pireps and acting as the first level of support for hub pilots. Hub Managers also welcome new pilots to their hub among other duties.

Being a hub manager is a position that requires time, commitment and dedication to our hobby (not to mention a passion for MetroAir!). MetroAir Hub Managers are expected to establish a good rapport with the pilot base and also contribute to management discussions.


  • One (1) month or more in active flight time with MetroAir
  • One (1) month or more in active forum use at MetroAir
  • Able to send and receive emails pertaining to MetroAir business at least once every 24 hours.
  • Able to process outstanding pireps at least once every 24 hours
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Must have excellent people and communication skills
  • Ability to participate in staff meetings on Teamspeak. [General staff meetings are held monthly (3rd Wednesday of every month).]
  • A minimum of 10 hours per week to dedicate to roles and responsibilities at MetroAir (Will vary from week to week) This includes spending time in TeamSpeak interacting with management and pilots.
  • Must have a Vatsim ID and have the ability to make flights online.
  • Drive to see MetroAir grow and prosper

To Apply
Please complete the application form.

Good luck! If you are interested please apply by September 16th at 8PM Eastern to ensure that your application will be reviewed. Applications received after this time are not guaranteed to be considered. If you genuinely love helping your fellow pilot and would like to be part of our management team don’t waste another second!

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About the Author

Sean Mullineaux is originally from Maryland, but now calls Phoenix his home. He started his flight sim career in 1998, after he bought and fell in love with the game and has not looked back. He joined MetroAir in November 2009. After searching long and hard for the right VA, he is proud to call MetroAir Virtual his home. Since joining, he has logged over 1400 hours. In February 2011 he accepted the position of Hub Manager for Kansas City. Then in January of 2012 opened the Baltimore Hub. After about two years he decided to move to the hub it all started in, Ontario. In 2014 Sean accepted the position of VP of Hub Operations, where he manages all the hubs MetroAir operates. He continues his love for the virtual skies by supporting the upcoming pilots and helping them succeed.

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