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Staff Changes

September 30, 2016 - Featured Post, Human Resources, News

A virtual airline is only as fun and professional as the sum of its parts, and those parts have to work together to create a positive airline environment. For the staff, this means fulfilling our roles and carrying out our duties within the realms of our volunteering abilities to give back to the community that has provided us with so much entertainment and education over the years.

As Adam Trylinski’s two years of service comes to an end, we’ve decided to restructure our staff organization in order to help MetroAir become more responsive to our pilots and partners and allow us to engage more with our community.

Senior Leadership

Chief Experience Officer – Lindle Romero

The Chief Experience Officer (CXO) focuses on developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives and ensuring a consistent quality experience for pilots, staff, and partners. The CXO reports directly to the CEO.

Lindle has agreed to take on this new challenge. It leverages his strengths of understanding previous goals for hub management and policies while tying in his abilities to effectively communicate with external partners.

Chief Personnel Officer – Sean Mullineaux

The Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) is responsible for managing all staff and the associated policies and practices that relate to MetroAir pilots. The CPO reports directly to the CEO.

Sean has agreed to step into this role as he has had considerable experience in his previous role as Vice President of Hub Operations.



Vice President of Technology – Jamie Milton

The Vice President of Technology (VPT) sets strategic direction and recommends policy for airline technology. The VPT will manage development of ACARS and all installers for airline aircraft. The VPT reports directly to the CEO.

Jaime has taken an active role in developing new features and has accepted the challenge of learning how fleet installers are designed. Stepping into this new role allows Jaime to focus on these efforts to ensure they are an active priority going forward.


Hub Personnel

Boston Hub Manager – Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle is transitioning from the Operations team to a more pilot focused role as Boston Hub Manager. Sean holds Boston close to his heart and will help to continue to build our newest hub and help drive pilot engagement.

Los Angeles Hub Manager – Alex Bresnick

Alex has accepted the position as Los Angeles Hub Manager. Alex is no stranger to the MetroAir staff team and working with pilots as a former MetroAir Human Resources Manager.



Director of Regional Operations – Brant Cassell

Brant has agreed to transition into the position of Director of Regional Operations. Brant will be focusing in more regional and scheduled flights across the MetroAir route network.

Director of Charter Operations – Nick Westfall

Nick has accepted a position on staff as Director of Charter Operations. Nick will be looking to expand the charter program and work closely with the operations team to build successful seasonal charters.


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About the Author

Matt Calsada is the Chief Executive Officer of MetroAir Virtual Airlines. Matt became a pilot at MetroAir in February of 2006 and has held various other staff positions such as Hub Manager, HR Manager and Chief Technology Officer. In the real world, Matt is a developer at a small software company focused on library and academic applications. In his spare time, he is often found coding for the MetroAir website and sipping a cup of coffee while enjoying a good book.

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